I was used. You were used. Well, were we really?
People talk a lot about other people using them. They mourn, moan and groan about it. They feel hurt…yes, they feel used. I used to think like that but have since grown into a different kind of understanding, a different way of thinking.
People who use other people for some benefit come to the game with “unclean hands.” They know exactly what they are going to do, what they came for and would say anything to achieve that end. The person they are about to use to achieve their end is never a consideration.
However, the person being used is being who they are. They believe they are helping someone who has a need. Out of their caring, they do what is natural for them. In an unconscious way, they are building their good karma.
What you give, you receive a hundred times over. Who really benefits from the User – Used scenario if you receive what you give?
Never for a moment feel used anyone. Never reside in that place. Give thanks you had an opportunity to help someone. Bless the User Speaking Life and move right along being you. You just may get the chance to see the User get their just rewards.
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