The Tweet that launched a Sussex Squad smear campaign!

Let me begin. I am a doer. Doers like me reside in the background. From since forever, I am always looking for ways I can use my skills to help my circle and other people and situations around me. It never mattered if I knew the person/persons or not. All the things I have done are done in private since I believe that talking about good deeds takes away from its sincerity. It then becomes something that was done for show and glory. That’s me. A doer.

A few years ago, I had an idea to add another dimension of support to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I did not know who the leader of the Sussex Squad was, so I sent messages to a few people who had a good number of followers asking to whom I should speak about this idea I had. Of all the people I messaged, only one person responded to let me know there is really no leader. She was so kind and so sweet. This was in early November 2021.

I am protecting her identity and message to me after my initial inquiry, but here is a screen shot of my response to her. Note the date and time stamp.

My support of the Sussexes began way before that. In 2016, while the Sussexes were dating, I read the statement the Communications Secretary regarding Prince Harry’s request that the UK press stop their abuse and harassment of his girlfriend Meghan Markle. You can find that release here:

A Statement the Communications Secretary to Prince Harry The Royal Family

That peaked my interest and my subsequent continued support.

And so I mulled this idea over for a long time. This idea I had, was going to take me a little way out of my comfort zone of staying in the background and just doing. But I forged ahead none the less, thinking about it at length. Pros, cons, pitfalls, and I honestly could not find any. I guess my biggest shortcoming is to believe people are reasonable and ‘nice’.

At the end of 2022, I became more serious about doing it. I had the resources, I had the skills, I just needed a few people to listen to it. A couple of weeks ago (2023), I discussed it in a Twitter Space and invited people to DM for more details, if they were interested. This was not a demand; it was a request. People who were not interested could just walk on …as in ignore me. I subsequently had conversations with a few of the people who showed interest and the decision was made to move forward.

I immediately purchased a new url for the project and began building. The idea was to keep it under wraps for fear that the people who hated The Sussexes would try to sabotage it before it came to fruition. My fear was misplaced. Little did I know the smear campaign would not come from the people who hated Prince Harry and Meghan, the opposite side so to speak, but from the same side I was on, the people who claim to love them. It was unexpected and quite alarming.

Since I have a whole entire life, business and projects to take care of, and because of the general toxicity of social media, I spend a minimal amount of time during any given day on Twitter. I don’t waste time fighting people who spew hate and misinformation. I prefer to write something positive about the persons who are the focus of my support. Hence it is very rare that despite being a staunch supporter of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, would I be smack talking or insulting people who do not support them. A total exercise in futility. Who fights hate with more hate?

On May 28, I tweeted about Community as a prelude to giving more on the idea. Here is that tweet.

I followed that tweet with another, not trying to lead anything, splinter anything, as one Squaddie suggested in her tweet about me, or to start something that involves insulting other people on social media. Here is that second general tweet about community. I did have serious backlash from the people who hate Harry and Meghan, but instead of engaging with them I hid their replies and blocked them. Granted I am not a blocker since I find it childish and a time waster. What I do is avoid and ignore things that messes with my sacred mental place. But it became necessary to block them.  Here is the second tweet of May 28.

In the third tweet of May 28, I invited Squaddies to come take a look at the idea. Since it would make zero sense to just post something meant only for one group of people, i.e., supporters of the Sussexes, for the entire world to see. A lot of people found nothing wrong with the tweet.

But here is the tweet that triggered someone to start a smear campaign against me, complete with lies, misinformation, and libelous statements without knowing what the full extent of the idea was, and not having seen the info site or the actual project. The tweet that triggered this smear campaign against me was the one which mentioned the word FREE. I quickly found out free is a dirty word and a word that actually means money, scamming, and grifting in some minds. SMH. Indeed, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

I was confused when I was immediately branded as a scammer and a grifter.  But then I was incredulous because the people who started this campaign against me, literally knew nothing about the project idea, had never spoken with me and it was not June 3 as yet, the actual day I was laying out the project for all who were interested to see it and test it. Here is that tweet.

One innocuous tweet precipitated a smear campaign some of the very people who profess to be fighting against lies, misinformation and unjust smear campaigns. The negative comments raged, with no one thinking for a moment what the project was about, the effect the smear campaign would have on me or how they were defaming me for no reason with no substantiated facts on what they were saying and claiming.

No one stopped to examine the legal and ethical implications of making libelous statements, also known as lies, to damage someone’s reputation or credibility. This was not coming from people who hated Harry and Meghan, it was coming from people who claim they were fighting lies, hate, smears and misinformation. It was simply incredible.

Not one person who knew about the project from hearing me speak on it in a Space a couple of weeks ago came forward to defend me.  Not. One. Single. Person. It was just God and me. But that was enough.

Indeed, the onslaught came quickly. Bear in mind that none of these people knew the full extent of the project, what it was, the fact it was created as a true community project and no one, not one single person had to pay anything, plus there were no ‘bosses’. Additionally, all that was needed to access it was a handle and a password. None of the people smearing me asked me a single question but began their campaign because they could or were ordered to. So, because they had no info, they made up things that would be sensational.  Take a look at some of those tweets.

And so it began, continued and still is continuing… That particular dude in the above tweet said he DMed me and never got a DM back. He didn’t. Why the lie?

This Sussex Squaddie was quite dedicated with her tweets …

I hope she found the time to block me, but her dedication continued with her retweets….

I was called a bootlicker. I had to look that one up!  Apparently, bootlickers should not dare be a democrat. LOL.

The few above were the tame comments. Feel free to check out Twitter and find the onslaught and the avalanche of hate, suspicion, and outright lies thrown around about me. Was that an order to the Squad?

It is interesting that people who claim to support Harry and Meghan can do this to someone who also supports them. Would the loving, peaceful Prince Harry and Meghan be proud of them and support their attack on someone for no other reason than they can?

My timeline was scrutinized, looking for something to ‘nail me’ with. Someone even captured my Wordle stats tweet, not even knowing what it was, but probably thinking it might be something ‘incriminating.’ WOW. LOL I am a Wordler and in a Wordle League. I challenge myself with it daily. Maybe Wordlers are in a cult too!


…and this one… completely out there where the bus doesn’t run! LOL.


…and this too… I am not asking for anyone’s personal information. Wishing you good health and hope you win your Sickle Cell fight Shay!

… and what about this? I guess my response did not fit her narrative.

Let me say this … I am not shutting down my Twitter account. No one is going to intimidate me or bully me with lies, hate and misinformation. Bullies come in all forms, and I reject all forms of bullying.

I will not delete any of those hateful defamatory tweets and I will not block anyone. Let those who are tweeting their fabricated stories and smearing me with unsubstantiated claims, continue to reveal what’s inside of them. That’s not on me.

Most importantly, I am now motivated more than ever to finish my project idea in support of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The people who are still around to pull off this project with me, I thank them. Those I have lost because they chose to follow a crowd of bullies and listen to their masters, I thank them too. I see you. Not everyone will be for you or is even part of anything you will do in life.

But hear this! I am not alone. God and I are an army…and when God is on your side, you are in the majority. Let the birds fly.

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