Harry and Meghan

Why are Harry and Meghan hated so much some? Is it envy, is it something else, something more or a variety of factors making up the whole?

James O’Brien, host at LBC – Leading Britian’s Conversation (https://www.lbc.co.uk) breaks it down and poses this question:

“It’s just ENVY, isn’t it? The whole point of the attacks upon Prince Harry and his wife, whether they are coming from within the palace, on the record, off the record, nowhere near the record, or whether it is coming from Fleet Street, is because they’re simply better at everything. They are better at PR, they are more media savvy, they’re more articulate, they’re more empathetic, crucially they’re more accomplished, look at their careers, compare their careers, they’re more accomplished, and they’re more attractive. So here is the real sin of Harry Windsor…. The real reason for the hatred, the viciousness, and this astonishing level of abuse, it’s because they make a complete mockery of royalty itself. The idea that he gets the top job, and he sits in the side car for the rest of his life is absolutely absurd. But we can never ever admit that because it shakes the very foundations of the royal family.”

So, what do YOU think? Is it just envy, or it is something else, or even something more?

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