A compilation of Meghan fiction

Manufactured stories, fiction pieces, twisted alternate facts, outright lies, and entire books of the twisted imaginations of hateful people, basically describe the commentaries on Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry.

Meghan MarkleThere are so many of these unfounded stories across the internet and social media, that a compilation of them, easily accessible in one place, would highlight the ridiculousness of the whole.

Some people are still maintaining Meghan never gave birth to any children because, according to her half-sister, she cannot bear children. They claim that her son Archie and daughter Lilibet are really actors she pulls out when she needs a photo-op. They claim her pregnancy belly was fake and it kept changing shapes and sizes along the way.

How does one even begin to explain this nonsense? How unhinged does a person have to be to make these claims in the face of unequivocal evidence of the Sussex children?

What is the most ridiculous and outrageous lie you have read about Meghan, her husband and children on social media? Join the conversation and help with the compilation of Meghan Fiction.

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