Why do Squaddies engage with Derangers?

Known as the Sussex Squad, this global group is made up of people, referred to as Squaddies, who are strong supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and Meghan. Their support has been going on for as long as the British Media has been crucifying Meghan and her husband with fabricated stories and outright lies. They claim there is no actual leader of theMeghan Markle squad, but globally they bond together in their singular support of the Sussexes, including their children and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. The Sussex Squad is more than just tweets. They have substance too. They regularly raise money to support charities in which the Sussexes are involved.

Then there is another Twitter group of rabid individuals whose only goal in life is to hate and destroy Meghan, her husband and children with lies. I don’t understand them, and I will not attempt to. Reading their unhinged and illogical ramblings is exhausting, so I stay away from their tweets. They make up entire negative stories and twist any fact to make it toxic.  They hate Meghan with a vengeance and hate Harry because he loves Meghan. The Sussex Squad refers to this group as the ‘Derangers.’  The ‘Derangers’ refer to the Sussex Squad as ‘Sugars.’

Each group has already picked a side and are committed to it. Hating the Sussexes who they do not know personally, causes them to do, say and support everything that perpetuates that hate.  Loving the Sussexes is the other side of that coin. The Squaddies support the Sussexes unconditionally and are quick to jump to their defense, sometimes getting into back-and-forth word tussles that appear to be just as hateful as the vitriol from the Derangers. Therein lies my confusion.

Meghan, Duchess of SussexWhy would either of these groups engage with each other. ‘Sugars’ are not going to switch; ‘Derangers’ are not going to switch.  Why don’t they just love or hate separately? Squaddies continuously give time and energy to the Derangers, trying unsuccessfully to bring reason to a tweet exchange that lost reason a long time ago.

Hate cannot see light or truth, but no one can fight hate with hate. Hate is never external, just like love is not external. Hating anyone is more about the person doing the hating rather than about the person to whom the hate is directed. Squaddies have to be careful that giving Derangers their energy do not turn them into haters.

Maybe it is time to completely ignore each other.  Haters will believe what fits their narrative. Supporters will promote the truth through logical reasoning and obvious facts.

What do you think?  Should Squaddies continue to give energy to the hate or just continue putting out facts and highlighting the work the Sussexes do in a positive environment?


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