Why Aren’t We Satisfied with Success

Communication expert Josselyne Herman-Saccio answers this question in its entirety…
“We’ve all heard stories of wealthy, powerful, or famous people who seem to have it all yet are still unhappy or dissatisfied in life. Many of us have also experienced some version of this ourselves. We’ve thought we would finally be happy if we could just earn a little more, if we could just get that car or house, if we could just close that deal. But even when we achieve success in a particular area, the satisfaction never lasts as long as we’d hoped.”

Why is this the case? Does it have to be this way? Is there another way to be?
Josselyne Herman-Saccio explains:

“The quality of your life is far more important than anything you could have,” she says. “Your circumstances don’t give you quality of life; it’s determined how you are being.” Landmark offers participants a “curriculum for living” through coursework that focuses on ontology – the study of the nature of being.

Josselyne offers three tips that business owners can use to create the life they truly want at work and at home:

1. Paint a picture of the life you want: “A lot of people don’t really think about what they want; they just kind of settle for what’s doable or what they see as attainable. Ask yourself, if you could create any kind of life, businesswise, what does that picture look like? Paint a picture of what you really want, not necessarily limited to your credentials or your past.”

2. Borrow some other brains:“Anything worth accomplishing can’t be accomplished yourself. Brainstorm with people around you who can offer another perspective and ideas for actions you can take. You never know who they know or what ideas they might have that could really support you in fulfilling on that picture you painted.”

3. Practice new ways of being: “If you really want to grow your business, develop yourself into a new kind of person that will take on qualities and ways of being that you don’t typically exhibit in business now. One way of doing that is to look up to a role model you admire, somebody who is successful in your chosen field. Envision how they would handle obstacles. Ask yourself, ‘How would my hero be acting right now?’ What would he or she be doing? Would they be powerful, bold, compassionate? Then choose to be that way yourself.”

“When you choose who you want to be in business and in life,” says Josselyne, “success can simply be the integrity of your way of being rather than just a ‘boo prize’ based on material achievement.”

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